Slag Skimmer Equipment

The Slag Skimmer rakes the slag layer from the surface of molten metal in ladles in a simplified swiping motion.  It can be used on iron and steel lades, aluminum holding furnaces, and in other hot metal areas.  The basic idea of a Winkle Engineering design, incorporates horizontal rake movement and a large bearing base for slew movement.  This design adjusts the height of the rake to be flush with the ladle as opposed to the use of a crane to bring the ladle to the rake.  It also adjusts to tilt angles and different tonnages of hot metal which results in reduced yield loss all at the control of a single joystick.

We believe our design has a superior skimming capability and will provide the longest sustained period of usage without repair or rebuild as well as the familiarity of older slag skimmers.  Winkle Engineering has the ability to offer the manufactured skimmer as new or replacement to the industry.

There are many mounting arrangements, depending on the customer's Hot Metal Shop layout and the area available for skimming.  For more information or to discuss your particular requirements, please contact us.